Last Chance To Prove Our Strength

I see people, young and old, lying in the streets, groaning in agony. I try and turn to run, but something is stopping me. I can’t move; my heart starts to beat so loud that some people are turning their heads and staring at me. These people do not deserve the fate they are being handed. I don’t know what I can do. I can hear their agonizing screams, it is all around me, engulfing me, the sounds of mothers holding their crying children; the mothers shushing them, telling them they’ll be fine, they will get to see Daddy soon. But the children know, they know that Daddy did this to them. The terrible pain is caused by all the men turning ravenous and murdering their families and closest friends.
I can’t handle the force of it any more, it is too powerful. The pain is engulfing me. My stomach churns and my heart throbs. I know I can’t save all these people, but I can kill the men in this town. I will not stop until they are dealt with. I hear my name being called from a distance, it’s faint but I can hear it. The voice, it is familiar to me, I know that voice. I turn and see my little sister, running towards me. She has someone else tagging along behind her, another small girl, much younger than her.
When they reach me they hide behind me, trembling in fear, sniffling and sobbing, pulling on my top. I bend down and my sister tells me, “There’s bad men, bad, bad, bad men, trying to hurt us.” I nod, and stand tall. I turn and see three heavily built men charging towards us, blood lust in their eyes. I pick up a crowbar that was lying on the floor, waiting for them to come in close enough proximity to me. They reach the exact spot where I want them to be, and I start swinging. I hit the first one upside the head, crimson red blood covers his face. He tries to get it out of his eyes, blood is gushing from the wound and he can’t wipe the blood fast enough out of his eyes to properly hit me. I deal the killing blow, his heavy body thumps to the floor.
The next two come running head on towards me. I move the two girls out of the way. I hit the second one, making a long, deep cut in his forehead, a killing blow. When his body thumps to the ground the third one comes running towards me, swinging at me. He deflects my every move. I trick him into thinking I was going to strike on the right. He laughs and tries to grab the crowbar. I laugh a sly laugh and I think that I deliver the killing blow on the left side of his head. He stares at me for a few seconds before he starts again with his attack. I freeze and he attacks, biting me. He tears out my neck and I start to choke on blood.

I fall to the floor, I stare up at my sister and try to tell her that I was sorry but all that came out was slurring. She stares down at me in horror, the other little girl is sobbing into her side, but my little sister, bless her twelve year old heart, refused to cry. She knows what’s going to happen, no need for false pretenses. She smiles at me as I slide into the darkness that usually accompanies sleep, but I knew better. I would never wake up from this sleep. The last thing I see is Lillie’s sweet smile than a never ending darkness envelops my vision.

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