A Ballad For Molly

The strangers came upon shiny black steeds,
You should hear the cries, so wrenching was the wail.
Mother was losing her baby, she thought her heart would fail,
Like a nightmare, they scream, they scratch, they flail,
But no good it will do if whom they love ends up in jail.
Futures were erased, un-harvestable seeds;
With an open door, the steed was just a coffin without the final nail.
As the steed set on its journey, loved ones fist the shale,
Then the dust covers their trail.
A thousand miles, a million steps,
Do you know what it feels like to watch your life as it ebbs?
Be careful or Devil will snare you in his web,
And you’ll lose everything you’ve ever loved.
But in the best of lies, tales like this never end well,
The station was the end of your line.
Gracie, her beautiful belle,
Your scream still resonates down her spine.
Curse whoever controls their Grand Design.
For you, she’d follow in the steps of William Tell,
She’ll take a chance an risk it all, just to see a sign.
She hopes that your radiant light will still shine,
And they haven’t turned you into an empty shell.
Right about now, justice would be divine.


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