A Ballad For Molly #2

Devil’s task was destroy, conquer and divide.
The Tracker’s duty was endless; moving night and day,
A wolf on the hunt; Molly and Daisy the prey.
Devil planned to make them a white man’s bride.
But they evaded his pursuit; they flowed backward and away,
Until their trail started to decline and decay.
Devil’s a heartless man; no tears ran when he cried.
His genetic theory pushed him, until his own country he would betray,
The Empire’s standards are a prison of deception – a liar’s soiree.
Devil’s evil would not end until he died,
When judgement day comes, he’ll have a heavy price to pay.

As vagabonds, for thousands of eternal moments they’d roam,
Keeping count of every heartbeat,
And every time the sun-baked dirt hit their feet.
To fight another day; to kick Devil off his throne.
They’ll make it through the heat,
Back to arms as strong as concrete,
Arms that hug hard enough to crack the strongest of bone.
A song echoes in the distance; they start to run, though it’s not an easy feat,
They push aside a wall of trees, a blanket, a sheet,
And finally they’re home.