A Battle Of Ages

I hear the clash of steel blades colliding, the rhythm of thrusts, slashes and ultimately the cries of pain piercing the air in a red haze. It seemed like the battle raged on forever. Opponents went down one after the other but more kept taking their place. Soldier after soldier mowed down with twin steel blades; from the start we had no chance to survive the invasion on our beloved kingdom. For soon they would reach the dark, towering stone walls, our only protection from the cruel powers of mankind.

They’re slashing their way through our armoured soldiers. Coming closer and closer to my line of men ready to serve and protect the castle from these barbarians. They are almost upon us, I would rather die than let the enemy enter the castle. I scream the battle cry and my men charge into battle. Sword in hand and shield in the other I lunged my blade forward feeling it sinking into the enemy’s flesh with a hum of power.
I strike again and again, the blade getting heavier in my hands with every strike. I was covered in grime, rivulets of blood coming down my arms and legs from my many wounds. As I slashed what would be my last strike I was taken from behind with stab after agonizing stab I could tell this would be my last battle. With the last ounce of strength I have I manage to open my eyes. The battlefield is something from my worst nightmares and as I close my eyes for the last time I see the castle fall with a bang, I can no longer see and I fall into a world of darkness.


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