Matthew Pavlich

His name is Mathew Pavlich,
He comes from South Australia,
But although he isn’t from W.A,
His purple heart beats hard,

He leads the theme songs,
He leads the team,
He supports everyone the whole way,
Because he is the captain of Freo,

I sit in my seat watching him,
He bounces the ball,
Then passes off to Tarrant to give him a clear shot at goal,
This is why he truly is my hero,

Its round 22,
He’s kicked 72 goals,
But Brown has already kicked 76,
Brisbane have already played,

Freo’s 9th on the ladder,
Port is 8th,
They are on equal points,
They are playing for a spot in the finals,

Its three quarter time,
Port is winning by 23,
Pav has kicked only one goal and needs another 4 to get the Coleman medal,
Pav needs a miracle to help Freo win,

There’s one minute left and Pav has 3,
And Freo have the ball,
They’re streaming out of defence,
Johnson to McPharlin to Hayden,

There’s 20 seconds left,
Bell has the ball,
Pav makes his move,
Cornes follows him tightly,

The ball is in mid air,
Pav is sprinting,
He jumps,
He marks,

The siren sounds to end the game,
He’s lining up for goal,
50m out on a 45 degree angle,
Can Pav win it for Freo?

He kicks,
It’s heading for a behind,
The wind blew in and the ball is moving and heading through the big sticks…..
It’s a goal!

Pav has done it,
All thanks to Mathew Pavlich Freo are in the finals,
Now Pav will get the Coleman medal,
I hope this happens in real life to.