BABE The Elephant

Elephants are lovely guys,
Who are good and true and tell no lies.

They don't take more than they can eat,
And always watch where they put their feet.

They don't play with electric wires;
I never have heard of them starting fires.

They have no vices and do not smoke.
An Elephant is a kindly bloke.

Elephants take good care of their young.
They seldom speak with angry tongue.

When in school, they do not cheat.
They walk in lines which are quite neat.

They don't beat up on smaller folks;
Don't care if they're the butt of jokes.

They don't worry what to wear today;
Look mighty splendid all in gray.

Super strong, yet very nice,
And no, they're not afraid of mice.

I've tried and tried but simply can't
Find anything better than the Elephant.


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