Lara And Palus

Once upon a time there was a catfish called Lara. She had long wavy black hair and sparkling blue eyes. Her family lived in a lovely little cave in the deep blue city. Lara came from a big family and lived in a bustling neighbourhood.

When Lara was out with her friends Tracy and Merlia, the three girls saw Parlus, a dogfish from the other side of the ravine. When Lara saw him she swam away through the reeds, but her fins became tangled and she was too stuck to move. When Parlus saw her stuck he calmed Lara down and said, “It’s ok I won’t hurt you.”

But Lara didn’t believe him. Her cheeks burned and her heart pounded in her chest. But she saw a glint in his eyes and suddenly she trusted him. Parlus was a handsome dogfish and Lara did quite like the look of him and Parlus liked Lara as well!

Parlus untangled the reeds from Lara and she thanked him. While she thanked him Parlus couldn’t stop himself from asking Lara to hang out with him. Suddenly it just blurted out of his mouth. “Do you want to have a date Lara?” Lara was very embarrassed but said… “Yes!”

Parlus said bye to Lara and Parlus asked if they could go out on Wednesday. They also decided to meet each other at bingo on Tuesday and Friday. Lara and Parlus were delighted and could not wait to see each other again.

On Tuesday Lara went to school and after she bought the make-up she needed before she went to bingo. Lara and Parlus had a game of bingo, Lara won and they both went home.

Wednesday was an early start because Lara had to buy something to wear later that night. After school Lara was so excited but she was in year twelve and she had lots of homework so she asked her granddad to do it. He said, “Ok” and got to work.

Lara swam as fast as she could to the sea bar. She swam in and saw Parlus and came to the table where he was sitting. A waiter fish came over and asked what they would like. Lara had shrimp and a seaweed salad and Parlus had a seafood pizza. When they had finished they both had ice-cream and a hot chocolate.

They had finished by 7 o’clock but when they were walking home they suddenly stopped and turned around. Both of them had secretly bought a ring. Lara and Parlus swam to each other and held out their rings. They were so happy.

They got married a few weeks later and everyone was stunned that a catfish and a dogfish were married. Lara and Parlus lived happily ever after and had a beautiful family of cogfish!

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