Kate The Also Not Great

Once opon a time there lived a girl called Kate. Kate was a very smart girl for her age, but she was also very vain she had one friend who she called scooped pooper her real name was isibell. isibell was also vain but the nice type. she also had heeps of friends who wetre very nice to isibell.
one day when isibell was playing to her nice friends when kate kate just walked in and started tessing isibells friends for not being very smart. then turned to isibell and said'um sould'n you be playing with me because you are in the vain club' isibell stared in shock and then she yelled'I DON'T HAVE TO PLAY WITH YOU YOU ARE WAY TO VAIN IF YOU WANT TO BE THIS WAY YOU WON'T HAVE ANY FRIENDS' now kate looked socked then she said 'i'm sorry i have just been this way ever since my perents died' then evreybody looked at each other and cried then isibell and her friends said togther 'do you want togther our friend ' evrey one laughed together and said 'YES' and the group were freinds for ever and ever. the end



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