Kate The Also Not Great !!

once opon a time there lived a girl called kate. kate was very smart but also very vain so she only had one friend. her friends name was isibell or as kate calls her scooper pooper. isibell was also very vain but only when people got her upset!isibell had heeps of friends that were alway being nice to one another!
one day when isibell was playing with her nice friends kate walked up and started tessing isibells friends because they weren't as smart as she was! then turned to isibell and said'why are you playing with them(pointed to isibells friends)your ment to play with me your in the vain club and the meetings today remember' kate stared her mean full eyes on isibell then isibell said 'WELL I'M SORRY MISS KATE BUT I DON'T HAVE TO PLAY WITH YOU JUST BECAUSE I'M IN THIS SILLY CLUB IN FACT Í'M JUST GOING TO PLAY WITH MY REAL FRIENDS' then Isibell walked of with her other friends close behind. but before they could get very far away from kate. kate screamed back and said'WELL SORRY BUT I'VE JUST BEEN THIS WAY EVER SINCE MY PERENTS DIED'Isibell looked back in shock then ran back to kate a big cuddle. and to Isibells surprise kate said sorry and that she was hopeing to make friends with Isibells other friends too! and the group lived happliy ever after the end



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