Wait Maybe She.....

My name is Merideth Penelope Vent-Rough, I am age 15 I have always been reading my book called The Rough Leave. I go to The Michelle Bell high school. My parent’s names are Mandy and Dave Vent-Rough. My best friends names are Roxanna and Marble they are always around me but it’s annoying when they try to talk when I’m reading.

I am about to tell you the biggest secret ever ok here we go the book I’m reading isn’t actually a book it’s my sketch book I do all of my latest drawings in there and sign them at the bottom.

“I wonder what my next drawing will be” “WHERE WHERE WHERE OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO” [starts crying] “My sketch book is gone who has it? Where is it? “No Way she wouldn’t”. “GRRRRRRRR” “MACKENZIE”.

“I have to ring her” “I can’t what am I thinking why am I going to ring her than it will make her want to get it" "she will have everyonne out to get me, hang I probably just put it down somewhere" Wait where am I.?"

"OMG no way wait this looks really fimiliar" "Oh my god I'm at...
MACKENZIES HOUSE why am I at Mackenzies house? Mum why am I here? Why did'nt you take me home last noght?"

"Well honey" mum said "you fell asleep and I did'nt what tt wake you up so Mackenzies mum offered you to stay there over night so I said ok she would love that so I said I would come early to pick you up" mum said. 'God mum well where is my book?" "Your book is on Mackenzies desk she wanted to read it but I said no not until she lets you read it."said Mackenzies mum

"I want to go home now" I demanded you have to take me home and you little Mackenzie do you remember when you asked to read my book yesterday" I said, Mackenzie answerd "yes I do but I really wanted to read it" Well I told you not to ok now never ask to read it ever again understand" I shouted.

She replied "WHATEVER" and slammed her door closed. " what about my book she's probably reading it right now I'm going in her room to get it i'm not leaving her in a room with my book I can't trust her" I said to mum I ran in her room and got my book and walked home.

When I finally arrived home there they all were my mum, my dad and Mackenzie with her mum then I walked through the door and Mackenzies mum whispered something to Mackenzie then Mackenzie opened her mouth and said I have your book I swapped the covers when you left but then mum came in and caught me so you were so lucky that my mum walked in so I guess I'm...

You guess your what? I said I guess I'm SORRY she screamed then walked out and sat in her car I waited a while then I asked for Mackenzies mums car keys and sat in the car with Mackenzie and we talked all of our problems out.

The next day I rang her up and we walked to school together and we had all of our classes then we went to the park and did some of our assignments like the History Assignment the Maths Assignment and our Handwriting Assignment.

We have now got a handshake and it goes Double Double This This Double Double That That Double This Double That Double Double This And That, We are best friends forever always.