Girls Rule Boys Drull

Chapter 1 On a Friday afternoon Annabelle and l where walking happily to the football field to train hard for our big game this weekend. But when we got to the football field the dirty boys where training ridicules and they were pointing happily at our team over the other side of the field. “Let’s stay and ear drop to ever word they are saying and miss training” Annabelle suggested how about “NO” do you want to win this weekend.” But how are we going to get over there” l don’t now but we have to figure out something or else said crystal.Aha maybe we can dress up in really ugly costumes with pimple and all that gross stuff said Annabelle. But how are we going to pull that off BANG!!it is a gun “RUN RUN” GET DOWN no silly it is just a track starter see.”Ow” now how are we going to pull it of Annabelle with this Annabelle opened her training bag. You think of everything Annabelle.

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