Hairy Hemsworth

Hairy Hemsworth by Cameron Goss

Every day, Hemsworth would sit and sulk, saying, “Oh how I hate my long, black, silky hair.”

His owner, Jamey Judston, never ever gave poor Hemsworth a soothing haircut. She would only give him a short dog brush once a month. Hemsworth felt very unloved.

Hemsworth was very sad that no one loved or cared for him. He moped towards his kennel. Just then, he saw a delicious looking bone, but was too sad to eat.

“Oh, how I wish my life would change some day,” he sulked to himself.

The bone wriggled, and jiggled, and with a ZOOM ZOOM ZOOMDY ZOOM ZING! something was different, but Hemsworth didn’t quite know what it was.

Hemsworth decided to go back inside. Jamey was sitting on the couch, as usual. Hemsworth jumped up and sat beside her. He immediately felt an arm going round his body. Jamey was hugging him!

Somehow, Hemsworth knew the bone had heard his wish and granted it for him.

Later that day, Hemsworth was in the garden again. He thought about another wish.

“Hemsworth! Dinner!” called Jamey.

“I know”, Hemsworth thought. “I’ll wish for a big treat”. So that’s what he wished for.

Suddenly, and to his great surprise, there, out in the garden, was a giant dog cookie.

“WOW!” Hemsworth barked loudly. “I have never seen such a big doggy cookie in my life!”

Hemsworth licked his chops, ready to feast on the cookie until, “Hemsworth! Dinner!” shouted Jamey.

“Oh no!” Hemsworth thought. “I can’t let her see my cookie!”

Hemsworth used his snout and pushed it into the garage. It was very heavy.

Jamey came outside to find him.

“Hemsworth!” shouted Jamey. Hemsworth came running up towards Jamey so that Jamey didn’t suspect Hemsworth was hiding anything.

Jamey walked towards the garage to get Hemsworth’s dog bowl, but then Hemsworth stopped her with a bark. He quickly grabbed a tennis ball and dropped it at Jamey’s feet. Jamey looked at the ball and then walked back inside. She was not in the mood to play.

Hemsworth dragged the cookie out of the garage so he could start eating before Jamey could find out what was going on.

Hemsworth began to feel very full. He hid the rest of the cookie back in the garage. He would save it for another day.

Hemsworth went back to the bone and already knew what the next wish was going to be. He wished very hard that night. He hoped his wish would come true.

Jamey drove Hemsworth to a pet salon. As they both sat there, a lady shouted, “Hemsworth!”

Then Hemsworth trotted inside.

When he came out, Hemsworth looked amazing, felt amazing, and now, was amazing. His hairy hair was gone! Now he looked and felt like a hairless dog.

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