My tears are like leaves in autumn, falling from their tree and making a forest around my feet.
I never knew until now how cruel people can be.
Fear lurks all around me, and hides in everyone I see.
The guards are like a living reminder of “Stinken Juden”.
Show no mercy?
Feel no pain?
Can all this terror come from one man?
Dark, crimson blood drops to the newly fallen snow, like a stain on your carpet.
I look around, afraid to look anyone in the eye.
When I glance, I see someone staring at me, with hopeless, painful eyes, and I see my own reflection.
There is no hope, all of us Jews are going to go to sleep one night and never wake up.
The truth will never be told,
Like your special treasure locked away somewhere,
That everyone forgets about,
The truth will stay a secret,
Whispered on the lips of the brave.
But there will be no proof, we will all be dead
Like little children who don’t know what they’re doing, stepping on ants,
We will only be a memory soon, and not even.
J59238 will never live to tell the tale.


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