Hannah's Mysterious Adventures

By Nicole Lendich Yr 6 Age: 11
Midland Christian School W.A

“Look!” screams Grace.
Bek and Hannah run as quickly as possible, squeezing through the small spaces, eventually reaching a large opening.
“That’s it, that’s where the Monkeys Treasure is” shouted Hannah.
“Hurry get the shovels!” says Bek as she starts to lift the monument of the Golden Monkey.
Grace comes running across the grass with 3 shovels, struggling to hold them all and drops them on the ground.
Hannah, Bek and Grace dig for hours until finally…
“Clunk, clunk, clunk”
“I’ve hit something” yells Grace and with great anticipation Hannah and Grace pull out the box with an immense force and place it on the grass beside the hole.
“So” says Bek “What are we waiting for, open it!”
The three girls stare at the small box and marvel at its golden coating and its silver coat of arms with its two monkeys glaring at another glorious monkey sitting on his thrown. This monkey was covered in magnificent jewels and wore a golden crown with three single red ruby’s.
“Come on, lets see if we can open it” demanded a very impatient Bek.
“O.K” replied Grace as she began to pick at the lock. Suddenly a compartment opened and there was an old piece of parchment sitting inside it with a golden key beside it.
Grace took out the parchment and read it aloud.
“To whomever has been unlucky enough to find this box” began Grace.
“You have a decision to make, you must decide whether or not you will use this key to open my treasure and be cursed forever or if you are lucky the monkey god’s will bless you with many riches…”
The Monkey King”

“The Monkey King?” says said Hannah looking puzzled “who’s the Monkey King”
“Daa, Daa, Daaaa” said Bek “Just open the box before I do it for you!”
“We have to consider the consequences of opening the box and finding that we have been cursed forever.” replied Hannah.
“Just open the box!” shouts Bek, snatching the key and instantly opening the box.
As soon as she opens the box a gust of wind knocks the girls over.
“What’ve you done!” shouts Grace.
Suddenly the three girls are surrounded by millions of monkeys and at the head of them the ugliest, most hairy monkey the girls had ever seen.
Before the girls had a chance to say anything the head of the monkeys shouts “Hannah, Hannah”
Hannah feels herself shaking when…
“Hannah are you feeling o.k.?” says a familiar voice.
“Huh?” says Hannah “What’s going on?, Where am I?”
“Your in your classroom” grunted the voice of which she finally realised was Mr Smith, her teacher.
“I believe you need to have an earlier nights rest Miss Hannah”, says Mr Smith, “Now, shall we continue with our fractions work?”
The End
By Nicole Lendich


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