U Should Have Seen What You Had ...

I remember it like it was just yesterday 
We got together just like a piece of cake 
You told me you loved me 
and I believed every word you said...
You said you loved me but I wasn't prepared for the four months later when you said we should just be friends... 
Now I'm siting here alone 
Thinking of all the wasted time I had 
Thinking of our future 
Now we go our separate ways 
And I found someone new 
Now you're jealous and wishing 
U have seen what you had
When it was ours 
You see I was faithful 
And someone you can turn to and trust 
Someone to hug and say everything is ok 
Now that is all gone and the magic's not there anymore 
You might be ok but not find with it all
So you should have seen what you had before letting it all go.