It is now 12am, can’t sleep, and can’t get over what a horrible day I have had. Have you ever had one of the days that are so bad that you can’t sleep? You can’t even lift your head up; I am having one of those days.

It funny when you lie down in bed for so long it makes you think all the bad things that have happened to you in the past. Just one bad thing after another. Oh my god! me talking to myself now the time has already gone past an hour 1 am and still awake if my parents found out I’m awake I will be trouble again. They don’t realize I’m only ten years of age, they think I’m fifteen.

Well since I’m still awake I am going to tell you about a girl that lost her little sister on the day of her birthday. Her mum really busy during day cleaning as usual, mind you she never stops; this girl believes she has some kind of disorder. Anyway she asked her to take her little annoying three year old of a devil of a sister to play outside in the backyard. Little did her mum know she was doing a big mistake thinking that her oldest daughter takes care of her little sister.

Firstly they were playing nicely with the swing set they got for the Christmas holiday as a gift. Then they were playing nicely with the ball. Until she heard a weird noise, coming out from underneath their back veranda. She got scared but she thought as a big sister she should see what the noise is. She came closer and closer until a little black cat came outside just meowing. Then her mum screams out no more playing we need to get dressed. Then as she looks up to see where her little sister is SHE WAS GONE, VANISHED, NOT TO BE SEEN anywhere.

She was terrified calling her sisters name everywhere around the backyard. But she feared her worse. She looked behind the garage and she found the gate opened. And to her terror she also found the front gate open. Which she forgot to close as she arrived from school.
She went to tell her mum “MUM MUM SHES GONE BEHIND THE GATE AND THE FRONT GATE IS OPEN”. Her mum went from a blue to a yellow to a red colour in the face. She runs outside to the road, as she looks left and right she finds her little sister across the road playing with the flowers. Her mum runs across the road in relief to find her daughter in piece. But as she was coming back she looked cross especially at her oldest daughter.

With a red and angry face she says “YOU ARE GROUNDED FOR A MONTH AND I DON’T CARE IF ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY!!”. You were very irresponsible and did not look after your sister. She starts to cry and runs to her room. It is now 3am and still in her room crying. I’m sure you have now realized that the little girl was me HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!.


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