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The Day When Everything Went Wrong! (Short Story)

by Josiah Lewis, Grade 6, WA

The day when everything went wrong!

It was a hot summer’s day, me and my friends were going to the pool when I found $20 on the foot path. I was making my way to the ice cream parlour when it started raining hard I looked up the cloud was on me only. I thought to myself, well at least I still have the twenty dollars. I continued towards the ice cream parlour the 9.15 bus came tearing towards the bus stop, it was flying past when the exhaust blew the money out of my hand. I chased it down the street. I was getting tired just as I thought I could run no further. I had it flown down the storm drain.

Disappointed I went back to my friends when I got there we walked to a palm tree and had a rest under it, when we got up we saw a man walking around pinning up notices to the trees he came over to the tree we were under he put up a notice it said come to the fun fair my friends thought it would a good place to go to. When got there we had to pay extra because we were not able to get in as a family group when we got in we went straight to the fairies wheel we were not aloud on it because we were to big. Disappointedly we then went to the go cart racing we also had to pay more there because we were a bit bigger than the rest of the kids there. It was a ripe off in opinion I crashed at 74kmph (it hurt a lot) I am not going to try get the speed record any time soon. When we got to the front of the queue for muzz buzz they had all sold out of all the good stuff we had to have water and vegetables (it was awful) I wrote in my note pad “note to self avoid fast food vegies art all costs”. Later that day I had hade enough it was the worst day of my life. I hopped it was a dream I poked myself with the plastic fork from lunch “OUCH!” I yelled. It was not a dream I was sure of it. “It is 6.30” I told my friends. “Let’s go home” they said. We were walking home when a group of geese flew above us when they felt the urge to do there business, it landed on me and only me because the others saw it coming and moved but they did not tell me SPLAT it was embarrassing and on my new shoes to! Oh-well I thought at least is meant to be a lunar eclipse (I missed out last year) When I got home I flicked the light switch nothing happened oh-great the power is blown. It was awful it was cloudy I missed it this year too. Oh well tomorrow should be better. I hope.

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