Fabio The Little Dragon

Once upon a time in summer there was a little dragon named Fabio who couldn’t blow fire. His family were very good at blowing fire, especially his sister. She could even toast marshmallows. The little dragon decided to go on an adventure to find a dreadful dragon called Billy.

So he set off on his adventure and Fabio the little dragon came to a lake that was very deep. Luckily Fabio was a good swimmer, he swam across the lake doing freestyle. Next, Fabio came to a viny jungle where he swung across the vines like a monkey.

By the next summer, Fabio wasn’t a little dragon anymore. He was a BIG dragon and he finally found Billy. Fabio told Billy that he couldn’t blow fire. Billy told Fabio to drink lots of hot chocolate and to eat lots of hot food. So Fabio who was now a big dragon did what Billy said and he could now blow fire.

Fabio was so happy that he could blow fire like the rest of his family that he danced and danced under the moon shinning high in the sky.

The End


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