Life Itself

Finalist in the 'Written in the Stars 2013' competition

Let night consume my numb and weary notions not for minds alike
For darkness proves a bitter friend when numbing notions like this strike
And in the head of those who seek to find a notion better than
These notions swirling round within my head inform them that they can
Engulf me in the thought that there are better days still yet to come
And everlasting darkness is a fearsome end for some so young
Let sunlight breech through cracks and bright illuminate the dust and grime
Let brighter daylight blind my sight and light the blackness of my mind
Yet squinting through the fearsome white my eyes can make out just one face
The face of someone one far to dear to some how stumble to this place
Although associated with this face, dear love and friendship come
This love is overpowered by the sinking thoughts that make me numb
Like rain in spring, my mind collapses , like stars dying in sky
My strange perspective ceases to exist, and with this, so do I
I let the night consume my numb and weary notions one last time
For darkness proves a better friend when numbing notions like this strike.

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