There’s a ghost in the kitchen, there’s a ghost in my chair.
There’s a ghost that won’t stop wailing, there are ghosts everywhere!
I don’t want the ghosts to bother me again,
So I put on a sheet and I act as one of them!
I walk bravely down the hall, with a sheet on my head,
And when I return, there are ghosts on my bed!
I screech and squeal, hoping they’ll go away,
But the ghosts do not budge, they only want THEIR way!
I try to push them out, but my hand just sinks right through,
So I kick and I punch, but there is nothing I can do!
So I blow as hard as the wolf so big and bad,
And finally the ghosts stopped being so mad!
They sailed out the door like a ship among the sea,
And they never returned to once again bother me!