Early Breeze

Prologue: Pandora

I'm standing on the runway, nerves and excitement flowing through me. Suitcases in hand, I turn my head towards the early morning breeze, my hair escaping from my ponytail and flying across my face. I watch the other planes go by as I wait for mine. It's the first time I have travelled in one before. I'm going to see my grandparents in New York. I hear footsteps & I turn around. I gasp at the sight I see in front of me. A man, who looks my age, walking towards me with the sun shining behind him, highlighting his beautiful green eyes. He's holding a helmet in the crook of his arm. He smiles when he stops in front of me.
“So,” He says with a cute Northern accent, “Are you the gorgeous woman who is to be my passenger today?”...

Chapter 1: Orla

“Mum! Do you know where my history book has gone?” I bellowed across our small cottage.
“No. Is it where you left it last night when you were up at stupid o'clock doing homework?” She asked. I paused in thought. Before replying, I ran over to my study and saw my bright orange history book on the table. I snatched it up and yelled down the hall to my mum.
“Thanks Mum! Your'e the best!” I smiled as she walked up the stairs, posing like she was on a catwalk and pulling the most failed version of the duck face girls pull these days.
“I know.” She said in a mocking voice, trying not to laugh her head off. It didn't work. We both laughed our heads off and I walked over her to give her a hug. We stood for quite a while, locked in an embrace and still laughing. Then a knock came from downstairs and I remembered school. I quickly pulled away and ran down the stairs, yelling at the person at the door to wait. I gathered all my school books and looked out the window. Damn! I hate snow! I yanked on my favourite sweater and headed downstairs. Mum was cooking her breakfast and talking to the young boy sitting in front of our kitchen bench. I walked over to him and wrapped my arms around his shoulders.
“Hey Curtis!”
“Hello to you too Curly! Who's in a good mood this morning?” He asked with a sly smile on his handsome face.
“Come on kids! You have school today. Make sure you stay there! I don't want another letter from the school in the same week!”
“Of course we won't skip Mum! I love you too much to do that!” I replied, walking around to her and kissing her on her cheek.
“I love you too sweetie. Look after her Curtis!”
“ I will Miss Daly.” Curtis replied in a very sweet, gentleman kind of voice. I rolled my eyes. I knew what my Mum was going to say.



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