A Beautiful Thing

A beautiful thing is the way sunlight takes ownership of the day, ever-present and stable for those hours, kissing and touching roads and trees and people.
Yet how easy it is for a tumbling cloud to slink across its path and hide its light.

A beautiful thing is the way two separate minds can tessellate; feel as though they're meant to fit, like maybe they always have but you never knew. Beauty in how your mind extends its fingers and strokes the new half and gets lost in that half and grows to depend on that half because it is familiar and comfortable and you feel more you than ever before.
Yet the deeper you explore, the more shadows you find. You realize, you can never see every piece of this mind because it can never be wholly yours. And most of us foolishly mistake this for incompatibility when really, he or she is merely the earth and you are merely the sun.


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