It is March 24th 2012. My name is Alice Blake. I have just woken up from a month long coma. When I returned home my dad had set up a massive party for me. I saw everyone I knew except the person I have wanted to see since I woke up from the coma, Grace Westley. After the party I tried to sleep but I wasn’t the slightest bit tired. I looked out my window to find Grace standing there. “How long have you been there?” I asked her. “I would have alerted you but listening to you talk to yourself is hilarious,” Grace responded. “I was talking to myself,” I said confused. “Yeah,” she replied. After a moment of silence Grace finally said, “Look I have something to tell you but you cannot tell anyone else. Ok?” I agreed, “Of course, we are best friends. Right?” Grace told me she had a job but it wasn’t a normal job. I asked her to explain and she replied, “I am a serial killer. I work for the bloodsuckers. I kill for money.” I was confused. “You have committed murder?” I asked. Grace sighed, “Anyway I need you to help me on this.” I was shocked, of course I would never kill a human, but she was my best friend. How could I say yes to helping a killer? I managed to build up enough courage to answer, “No, sorry.” Annoyed, Grace said as she left, “You wuss. I knew I couldn’t count on you!” I had not seen Grace for a couple of weeks, so I headed to her house hoping she wouldn’t still be upset with me. I knocked on her door, nobody answered. I knew she was there, I could hear her. I broke in through the window. I looked up to find Grace knocking me out with a rock. When I woke up, I discovered Grace’s parents dead. When I ran out the door I heard Grace scream, “You know the secret, you must join or pay the price. You hear me Alice? I will get you!” I ran home. Grace was out the back. I thought to myself, 'How did she get there so fast?' I picked up a glass and hid in a cupboard. Grace opened the door and I smashed the glass on her head, she fell. I ran outside, Dad was there. he ran up to me. I woke up from being unconscious to see my dad dead and police everywhere. “How could you kill your dad like that,” my mum yelled at me. “No, it was Grace,” I said. “Who’s Grace?” my mum replied. I looked down at my hand, I was holding a knife. I killed him. It dawned on me that I had an alter ego that kills. I was never unconscious. Falling to the floor as the policeman arrested me, I knew I’d be in jail for a long time, I just hoped Grace wouldn’t be visiting me there.


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