Falling Off A Slide

Falling off a slide
Written By Abby Hallam
One kind of cold wet day, because it had poured the previous night, Sophie had stayed at my house for a sleepover “Hey Sophie look there is a little tennis racket in the tree” I said.
“Cool I think we should get it out” answered Sophie. We tugged on the wobbly, smelly and very rusty slide to pull it over towards the tree. Sophie made her way up the slide 1 step, 2 step, 3 step. She was now at the top of the slide reaching towards the tall slim tree to get the tennis racket out. I was very carefully holding the slide making sure that I didn’t accidently tip it over or Sophie would fall into the shell pool that was full of smelly, slimy mud and water because it had rained and filled the clam shell so much we couldn’t move it. I was still very gently holding the slide. Sophie had almost got the tennis racket then Ahhhhhhh I had seen an little earwig crawling making its way towards me, I screamed my head off, let go of the slide and slightly kicked the slide just enough to tip it over whilst getting away from the earwig and Sophie had fallen into the clam shell full of sloppy, muddy, water. Mud on her clothes, mud in her clothes, mud up her nose, mud on her face. She ran into the shed with me but she was covered in muddy water. we found a slightly wet towel. Perfect, we could wipe the mud off Sophie with it and she dried herself as much as possible with the wet muddy towel. “Squeak” we quietly opened the door. We very secretly tried to sneak into my room. Sophie got changed and we dashed back outside laughing our heads off. Mum was hanging up washing as we ran pasted falling to the ground laughing but believe it or not we were lucky and the tennis racket had fallen out of the tree so I didn’t have to go up there anyway or Sophie could of easily got her revenge back on me then I would also be covered in mud and soaking wet as well and that would not be good for me but I think Sophie would really enjoy seeing me fall off the slide and getting very wet muddy and looking like a big piece of disgusting chocolate that no one would ever eat. I slowly bent over, picked up the tennis racket and said “wait what did we even want it for?” I was holding it in my hand. Suddenly we both realised that we didn’t want it for anything at all. So once again we had a laughing fit until we just could not laugh at all anymore. We had no idea what to do know because we had just spent forever being crazy screaming at earwigs falling into muddy puddles and getting soaked so we went inside and I said “all that made me a little hungry.” Sophie and I walked to the cupboard and got food. I thought to myself now I think sitting watching TV mighty seem really really boring after what just happened to us and yes it was but we were way too tired to do anything else like what we just did ‘”knock knock” Sophie’s mum was here to pick her up “did you girls have fun?” asked Sophie’s mum.
“YES!!!” we both replied.


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