A BIG Misunderstanding

A day, long in the past ,there was a big monster chocolate brown in colour with big round red eyes and its name was Rig the red eyed monster and he lived in the forest. Every night Rig would sneak into kids’ rooms and try to eat their brain and hypnotise them under his command. He would switch their brain with a duck’s brain and put them in a deep sleep. Their parents would think what has happened to their kids. The parents setup cameras in their rooms and look at what’s happening to their kids. Rig didn’t come that night. The parents were thinking why didn’t he come we want to see what he does to their kids? ,Then they saw Rig with a heap of duck brains to spare. The parents ask him to make the kids all new squishy sloppy brains and he was never allow to do anything to the kids again well maybe for now.


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