Table's Ring

It was a large room, and covering the furniture was a dusty white cloth making it unseen to the human eye. However, the only thing uncovered was a large and ordinary-looking table.
Its coarse and unwelcoming surface covered my fingers as I touched its aging structure. The rugged legs seemed to look like it was weary and tired and suffering from age. The ring upon its leg suddenly caught my eye as I stared closer for a more meticulous look. The black, grey stone was hidden amidst the rusting ring, it didn’t look valuable and it was wearing away. It looked like nothing except a piece of garbage that a person was eager to throw away.
The soft touch of my fingers outshone the grey stone and it seemed to be brighter as I stepped closer and closer towards the bright light. Glancing behind, was easy as I was intent on leaving the awfully dark room.
I was back in the room, yet, everything looked newer and didn’t seem rusted or wearing away. Apprehension rushed through me, as I stared at the room. Adorned with beautiful ornaments it still looked like the same old room I was before. Lonely, dark and cold.
I rushed out, intent on leaving the “desolate” room. But, then, a woman stood by. Her unkempt hair swept her face and she stared at me through her brown and meaningful eyes. Her forlorn expression seemed to loom over the darkness of the room and her frail figure. What did she want? Her eyes seemed to tell the answer but I still did not understand.
Her frail arm directed me to my hand where I was carrying the old, black and rusted ring. I didn’t seem to like it so I was quite happy that she wanted to take it. After accepting it slowly, a small smile crept up her face.
Slightly smiling, I suddenly returning back to my present day and saw at some light that temporarily blinded my eyes. After I glanced back the “beguiling” leg of the table, I recalled her tender voice and her joyful smile whispering to me as I left, “Thank you."