Near Future

Life is garbage .Life is junk. Sometimes I wish I could chuck my life away and start a new life but that’s not how it works. You’ve got live and love what you’ve got. What have I got to live for? Nothing, nothing at all. I had a heart attack when I was seven ever since then nothing has been the same. When I had the heart attack my parents left.
Everything perished away. Including everything I distinguished, everyone I knew.
Continuously I have lived in a hoary cottage nothing to do but weep all day and night when that happens I will lock myself up in a cupboard cuddling my toy Glumph for something to do. My whole life is a foul. Why did this happen to me? Why not someone, just anyone else.
Days past faintly, misery every day. Rushing to the library just to grab a book was hard without tears. Carelessly I stumbled over a USB, quickly I rushed over grabbed it and went on with my journey. The tall arch of the library stumbled over my eyes; I grabbed a computer not caring if it was for free or not and plugged it in.
Lightning struck the screen blinked; I held my breath as a message appeared, “Tristy you are stuck in the past since you had your heart attack. You have gone back in time. This means you need to go to the real time you’re supposed to live in”, the computer echoed. A ZAP hit the earth!
My eyes opened. High in space was a station where gloominess smothered around me as I went into my room. Concrete walls no signs of life. Just plain faded concrete colours concealing the old miserable but beautiful life. The same room same houses just duller greyer, sicker and deader. I walked out of my room hoping this was all a dream, fake, miles away and never will happen.
Two people in faded white clothes lead me in, gas masks covered their face. They gave me a tripod pipe and we started to talk. “We are Kasey and Jackson; we are no longer aloud to talk due to the atmosphere of gas around us. You’re our last hope to change this. We’ve been bringing many people back but only 3 of them have made it and that is us”. Kasey passed me a mask. I tied it around my head as I seized my Glumph and hugged it.
Jackson saw me he screamed “Alien invasion, alien invasion”. What happened? I thought. Do you think Glumph is an alien? He is only a teddy. Talking without a tripod pipe mask wouldn’t Jackson be dead I thought. Jackson started going psycho as a fire started. It started there was no water; we could no put it out. I knew what Kasey was thinking as she pressed a red button, I knew this time would come.
BUMP the button was hit! As a new beautiful earth appeared.

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