Harriet's Bad Hair Day Blues

Harriet May Jones was an ordinary young girl. She went to an ordinary school with and ordinary uniform and she had an ordinary hairstyle with ordinary ribbons. But today Harriet's hair wouldn't agree with her. It wouldn't go right, it wouldn't go left it seemed like it just want to pop out everywhere! Harriet had five minutes until she had to leave for school, so she grabbed the only hat in the house- her Mum's bright rainbow pom-pom beanie. Oh, how she did not want to go to school! She walked through the classroom door and avoided eye contact with everyone. Just has Harriet breathed a sigh of relief she felt two eyes creeping over her shoulder. "Harriet May Jones, how dare you wear a stupid hat in my classroom! Take it off immediately!" yelled Mrs. Jansen. Oh, poor Harriet, how she did not want to take it off! But rules were rules. Everyone burst out laughing. Harriet's face turned bright red, she was already regretting it! By the end of the school day she was use to all the laughing, pointing and glaring but she learnt one thing... Under no circumstances was she ever, ever going to school on a bad hair day again!



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