Harry, The Magical Wombat

Once upon a time there was a magical wombat named Harry. He lived in a deep hole. He was a very selfish and mean wombat. Like, whenever the little kids were playing soccer he would use his magic powers to melt the ball. At night, he would use his powers to move animals into different places, for example, an emu sleeping in a tree and a koala sleeping in a hole.

One morning, he heard the little kids playing soccer. Again, he went onto the field and attempted to melt the ball. But… it didn’t work. He tried again to melt the ball, but it still didn’t work. He was very confused. A few hours later it started getting dark. He went to try and float animals but it did not work. He tried and tried and tried all night long, with no success.

The next day he complained to everyone about the problems he had. A few hours later, the animals confessed to the grumpy wombat. They said they took his book when he was asleep and used it to put a spell on him. It gave him no powers! They told him he needed to do nice things and never do nasty stuff to anyone or anything again.

He started with the little kids. He gave a soccer ball, signed by Wayne Rooney, to them to play with. The kids loved it! Then he went to Ms. Emu and gave her a leather bed, to sleep in. Next he went to Mr. Kangaroo and gave him two boxes of his favourite food, flowers and wheat. Next, he went to Mrs. Koala’s house. He built a brand new house for her and gave her a supply of gum leaves and water. He finished all his good deeds around about eight pm.

Next morning, they went to get his powers back. He never did play nasty jokes on anyone or anything again.

Next morning, another wizard arrived came but it wasn’t a wombat! It was a penguin! He was playing tricks on everyone. Harry went to deal with it, but as soon as he got there it was war! It was a magic war! It lasted 200 hundred days.

When it ended, the penguin had learnt a lesson. The penguin’s power mysteriously disappeared for one week. He too had to do nice stuff to everyone and the penguin promised not to do nasty things to anyone or anything again.


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