Haircuts And Dress Ups

Haircuts and Dress Ups
One day a little girl named Lily was playing dress ups and haircuts with her teddy bears and dolls. After she dressed and did her doll’s hair Lily`s friend Audrey knocked on the door and she asked, “Can I play?’’ Lily said, “Okay but I’m playing dress ups and haircuts with my dolls” Audrey said, “Okay lets go.’’ So they walked to Lily’s room and played haircuts and dress ups.
After a while Audrey and Lily decided to play dress ups with each other and Lily`s mum, Charlie called out at the top of her lungs, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING YOU TWO?’’ Lily and Audrey just stood there in silence staring at Charlie.
Audrey`s dad Sam knocked on the door and said, “Can I please have Audrey? ‘’ Charlie replied, “Audrey and Lily have been cutting Lily`s hair.” Sam shouted, “Oh my goodness! Does Lily still have hair?’’ “Yes,” said Charlie, “But we have to go to the hairdressers tomorrow to have it fixed up.”
The next day Charlie and Lily went to the hairdressers and Lily got a professional haircut and now it looks much better than Audrey’s styling. Lily went to her Nan`s house when Charlie went to work. She and her Nan went to buy some food and then they went home. Lily went to sleep and when she woke up she had to get ready to go out for tea with her family for her Pop’s birthday at the Mac Alister Pub.
Lily asked Charlie, “Mum can I stay at Nanny`s tonight?’’ Charlie said, “If Nan agrees.” After the birthday Lily went home to Nan’s and went to sleep and woke up the next morning and we went home to her own house. It had been a big couple of days for Lily and she had decided to NEVER play hair dressers again.
The End by Holly Wozniak

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