Falling Off The Side Of A Cliff

I was speeding around a corner of a cliff, BAM! A van was there driving slowly. I tried to swerve around it but my boat that I had on the back of my car hit the van which made me fall off the side of the of side of the cliff.

My palms were sweating like a pig, my heart was racing as if I was getting chased by a shark. In my head I was thinking should I jump? But I couldn’t get my seat belt off I was scared. I was bumping off rocks one to another.

I was thinking and looking for something to get my seat belt off. Then I yelled,” throw me a knife.” The ambulance threw me a knife I had my hand outside the window trying to catch it while I was looking at the mirror to see where it was going. I caught it. I quickly cut my seat belt off. I screamed I was saved.

But then I didn’t know how I was going to get up…. So I yelled throw me a rope. They threw me the rope but I couldn’t open my door so I climbed out the window but it took me a while because I’m a bit fat. Finally I got out and then I latched onto the rope and then they pulled me up. Once I got up there, there were heaps of people there.



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