Fairy Floss World

“Phew, it’s hot! Oh, look at that. What it that? It’s beautiful!” Jazz said. So he called his friends and they came with him too, to go to the icecream park. “Oh No!” said Milly. “the ice cream park has melted!”

So they went to find out who did it. They had to go in the choco ship out to earth. Then 50 days passed, trying to see what planet it was and they…..picked the right one. They talked to the humans and they said if they could have some fairy floss. They would pay $50,000. They said “yes.”

“di di di di di dum dum dum.” “Hello!” Jamie said, “it’s me, do you mind if I could talk to Matt?” “Ok.” So he said if he could stay in fairy floss world. They all said YES!! They went to the milk falls and the ice cream park.


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