Dare Devil Mountains

Once upon a time up in the valleys of Canada there was a boy by the name of Pete, he lived with his grandmother Vikki on a farm with cows and chickens they were quite a poor family couldn’t really afford much and had to cut back on a lot of things, Pete only just manages to go to school although he was very popular in school as he was very smart, funny and not to mention good looking he impressed all the lady’s and had quite a lot of friends. One day at school one of his good mates jimmy came up with the idea of everyone go camping for one night up in the mountain’s, these weren’t just any mountain’s they were called dare devil mountain’s simply because whoever was to go up there was a dare devil. Pete thought this wasn’t a good idea as he was a bit of a scaredy cat but everyone else though it was a fun idea and Pete got talked into it. Pete went home and asked his grandmother if he was allowed to go or not she said he could only go if he did his chores of cleaning the barn and all the animal shelters so he phoned his friends telling them he’d meet them at the top of dare Devil Mountains when he was finished doing his chores. His friends told him that it would be a better idea if they travelled all up at the one time but Pete was sure that he would be fine and told them not to worry about it and he’d be fine to meet them up there.
As Pete finished his chores and packed his bags his grandmother cooked him a nice hot meal for the trip hot tomato soup. So Pete set of for his long trek up the mountain’s it was about a 30km walk by 13 kilometres he started to get a bit tired carrying all his bags with him so he decides to have a little rest so he sits done and started to have some of his soup, when he heard a noise come the bush he jumped and got a bit worried he didn’t know what it was he thought that he should pack up and keep moving, as he kept going he kept hearing these soft foot steps behind him but loud bangs every now and then. Pete was getting a bit worried as it was getting darker and he still had a far way to go until he met the others he started to pick up his pace so he’d get there before dark as he got faster the footsteps go closer he stared running, the footsteps got faster and faster until a man in a black cape with a clown mask grabbed Pete by the back of his shirt and dragged him into the bushes. That was the last time anyone saw Pete. Pete is still missing and if anyone knows anything about his whereabouts please contact crime stoppers.


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