You have no name. No body. You come to life on flat land. The sun is gleaming and everything is bright, except for you. You are nameless. You cannot speak. You cannot touch. You cannot eat.
But you do have abilities that differentiate you from others. Although you cannot touch, you can control. Firstly, you demonstrate your abilities by manipulating the scenery. You shape the land into your own. You shift the cliff faces into overhangs. The area is shaped into what you want.
The landscape you stand on is surrounded by waterfalls and trees, and you wonder just how far it goes on for. Although you have no eyes whatsoever you somehow see anyway. You can visualize in your subconscious a map of the world you are on. Given the nature of the land you expected for the world to be flat but to your surprise it is in fact a sphere.
But you do not want to worry about such things. As you begin to start a civilization using your mind your create humans out of the molecules available. Next you take control of animal’s minds to collect supplies. Although deep down you consider this to be cruel, it is for the better of your civilization and that’s what matters most to you. The humans begin building shacks and as such your world vision comes into motion. Over time, humans begin building all across the world, making their own empires under monarchy or other such methods. Eventually, you get what you wanted; there are civilizations, whether it be good or bad, and finally you are a being, you have a body, you can speak, you can touch, you can eat, and you have a name. 72 in fact.

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