By Oscar Rodgers

I hear the leaves rustle from the pleasant breeze of wind.
That sends goose bumps down my arm.
The sun is majestically setting down the horizon, my luscious garden fading from the dimness of the low light.
I gradually trudge to my little cottage that sits at the top of the hill.
I feel a sense of fatigue running through me; I drowsily watch the glare of the last light as I settle into my bed.
The thought of fresh bread wakes me to my feet.
I rub the sleep out of my eyes, put on my long johns and set off to the bakery.
I found myself feeling wistful as I see my soul mate’s grave. “Won’t be long till I’ll join you my dear” I say out loud.
At the village I see a joyous sight of a group of young children playing a happy game.
I stumble into the bakery.
I hand the woman a penny and get one bread loaf, wholemeal as always.
I struggle back up to my house… my haven.
I take a struggled step, the world seems to spin.
I sit on a step; my last living thought was those children playing growing and laughing.
My wife…my love…my passion…my soul.
Just like the last sun set on the horizon, my last sleep…fading to the end. It has come well it will eventually happen to everyone.
This was in my destiny the prophecy… my heart.
Everything I had worked for was now gone, everything I grew for gone… but life was great I was born young, grew old, then I faded but I was happy with myself for what I had done, because life was momentous and I enjoyed every minute… every second of it, even the pain and agony but I knew I was happy…loved.
But that has all faded… and now…gone.


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