“Jessica, Liam and Claire I have a special mission for you”. Says Frank (the spy supervisor for S.S.9.) “You need to go to the town’s safety house and ask for Tom, he will lead you from the”.
As we run as fast as our legs can carry us we all think about the first day we joined S.S.9 (super spies 9). We finally get to the safety house we ask for Tom “here I am” says Tom who looks around mid thirties. He has dark hair with red streaks through his short bristle hair; he looks very cheerful and glad that we finally got there.
He leads us through the front room and onto a very small elevator which took us way underground at least 20 stories underground but it only took a few seconds to go down.
It turns out tom is actually a spy for S.S.9 (like us) he tells us that “we have to go to Uluru for there are the B.G.8 (bad guys 8) spies”. He gives us our gadgets he gives the 2 girls fake nails that can video anything and he also gives them some earrings that can take pictures. For me he gives me runners that can hear sounds from about 200 metres and if you put an earpiece in you can hear it to.
We get picked up by a rickety old plane, to tell you the truth I was a bit scared but sometimes you have to face your fears when you’re a spy.
It was quite a nice plane inside. We got to sit first class. When we got there Tom took us straight to Uluru we had to climb it! .......It took around 4to 5 hours to climb to the top we were all so puffed.
We see the B.G.8 spies and head to them we see them taking all the native animals from their natural habitat.
We are running as fast as we can when Jessica trips and hurts her ankle pretty badly. Tom tells Claire and I to keep going and he’d stay with Jessica.
We have a bit of an argument “you guys go I’ll stay with Jessica” says Tom “No” Claire and I protest then Jess says “you guys go I’ll be fine”.
So we started running again and we finally catch the B.G.8 spies we ask them questions but they won’t answer.
So we take them back to Tom but Jess isn’t there. Tom says “Claire got picked up by her aunty who lives nearby”.
We get back on the plane and take the B.G.8 spies back to S.S.9 HQ
When we finish putting the B.G.8 spies in their cells we ask Tom if we can go and see Jess. He says “yes” so we go and see her. She has broken her ankle. Now she has come back. She won’t be able to go on missions for a few weeks though.


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