Halloween Horror


One night a few days before Halloween, there was a group of kids who had stayed up very late just to plan their Halloween party. Their names were Emma, Jack, Ryan, Louise and Shannon. They all wanted everything to be perfect for their party. The only problem was that they all had different ideas. They all wanted to have something their own way.

So it ended up that they had to use all of their ideas. Unfortunately everyone started to argue. It was only because they were very sleepy from yesterday’s late night. In the morning, they all got together when an extremely awful thing happened.

All of the candy disappeared. Everything got ruined. This was mainly because of all the trouble with everyone having different ideas. Ryan was very naughty so he hid away all the different coloured candy. The next awful thing that happened was that not only the five friends, but the whole city was blown away by an enormous gust of wind. Whoooossh! It went.

Emma ran into her closet and she saw all the candy. Then Shannon came to her room to see if she was okay and saw her with all the candy and said “So you took all the candy!’’

Emma said “No I didn’t”

“Well who did?”asked Shannon.

“Ryan must have done it because he hasn't been here since an hour ago when I came to you, he was in the lounge” replied Emma.

“Ok, that is weird.”

Meanwhile Ryan was outside having lots of fun with the candy that he had found when he had gone. Both girls went outside .They found Ryan and asked him what he was doing and he said “playing with the candy. Look I can explain this, I stole the candy. I was just having fun” said Ryan .

So they all went inside and they all watched horror movies together while Ryan shared the left over candy with his friends and they had the best time ever THE END


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