Fairyland Fun!

One day there were two girls called Hannah and Sarah. One day when they were getting dressed Hannah said to Sarah, “Look there is a sparkle!”
“Hello,” said a tiny voice.
“I’m Isabell.’’
“Oh Sarah - there is a fairy in our bedroom.”
“Wow,” said Sarah.
“Would you like to come to fairy land with me?” said Isabell.
“Yes please!” sang Hannah and Sarah at the same time.
“Come on!” said Isabell.

When they got there Isabell said, “Would you like to go to shopping at Fairyworths?”(Instead of Woolworth’s)
“Yes please,” said Hannah and Sarah at the same time.
So they went shopping Hannah brought a fairy brats doll and Sarah bought a teddy bear.

Then they went to the fairy fly centre and they stood on the wall, put some wings on and flew around the room and did 20 rounds around the roof. Then Hannah and Sarah said thank you to Isabell and gave Isabell the toys they had brought for themselves for a thank you present and Isabell gave them both a hug and sprinkled some fairy dust on them to send them home.

When they got home they both found a jewellery box with a fairy on it on their bedside tables. That kept them happy for the rest of their lives because it had some fairy dust in it that was especially made for making people happy for their whole lives. So whenever they opened the box when they were angry or sad they would be happy again.


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