First page

Memories are hidden in dust covered pages.
My dreams to be dancing on all the world’s stages
Remember that princess locked up in a tower,
And that cute little girl who was born from a flower?

Ribbons and flowers and pink ballet shoes
The excitement that follows every tooth that I lose.
I’ll stand up on tiptoes, be tall as a tree
Those monsters I’m scared of, now small as a flea.

Next Page

Memories are hidden in dust covered pages.
My school, my home, all were my cages.
So much expected from someone so small.
You had to be beautiful, skinny and tall.

Imprisoned by life like an endless hole,
Backstabs and insults that poisoned my soul.
If I died in that hole, no one would care,
It’s a wonder that I found my way out of there.

Last page

Memories are hidden in dust covered pages
Looking back on my life through the ages.
My vision is gone, my breath has grown tired
My dear husband’s life is now long expired

I watched his hair fall, I watched his skin wrinkle
I remember his eyes, like stars they would twinkle.
I watched him grow old and wither away
And now it’s my turn,
My last page is today.