Mary's Biographie

If people took the time to get to know me,
They would know how much more there is to me,
Than they ever thought about.
When people look at me they think,
Look at that, she’s just a freckle face.
With nothing more than a label,
They walk away not even trying,
To get to know the other side of me.
People in class and everywhere else; call me a nerd, a freak, a square.
But the only evidence of this is because I enjoy reading,
And am passing Year 7, hands down.
If they took their time to get to know me they would know that:
I enjoy hanging out with friends, eating pizza, and staying up late.
If everyone who had ever teased me, bullied me, or otherwise,
Knew how I feel when the say something that puts me down,
Then here’s a message for you...
Every time people say things about me that aren’t true I feel like crying,
Like throwing up, and I feel like throwing a punch right at their face.
But I know to just ignore them, and hopefully one day they will stop.
Well, I have been waiting for a very long time,
Two years in fact, but has it stopped? No.
I don’t know how those people call me (amongst others),
These names and walk away care-free, while we walk away scared for life.
So that is why I have written a story about self-trust and bullying.
To show all those bullies out there how it affects some of us
In such a way, that some people commit suicide.
So, all you bullies I hope you know what you have got yourselves into.