Darkness is a curtain of blackness
Dropped low over the night sky
Darkness lurks inside the hearts
Of mortal man, however pure
Darkness is the breeding ground
Of shadows, slowly shifting

Darkness watches over all in night
Lit by the moon, alignment of light and dark
Darkness is the masked instiller of fear
Trapping all within its grasp, its cage of fiends nocturnal
Darkness is not, though, enemy, but friend
As we are blinded by the light, burned by it

Darkness is our savior from this brilliant torture
Shielding us with its cooling shade
Darkness is the justice to the light of destruction
Allowing all who shelter within it to retain their anarchy, free will
Darkness is the aide to chaos, the villain’s repertoire tested to its full extent

Darkness is the shield of night
To the sword of day
Darkness, when run through with storms,
Has its soothing silence penetrated only by the crash of thunder
Darkness is what all are born from
What all will return to in the end
For darkness shall encompass all.


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