Eadie Hallers: Teenage Spy

"Great kicks Eadie. I'll see you tomorrow for training. Oh, and before you go, Karen wants you in Mission Control" said Sarah, Eadie's trainer. Eadie thanked Sarah and headed straight out.
She jogged to the Mission Control building and walked calmly inside.
“Welcome Agent Idea 5. We have an extremely important mission for you.” said non other than Karen Hallers – the most important controller in T.A.S. Who was also Eadie's mother.
“What's up Mum?” asked Eadie, sitting down in the immense black leather chair at the glass desk. Eadie's mother look very, very worried.
“There has been a breach in security at the Gadget factory. All stock of the new gadget, the Cosmetic Compact, have been stolen.”
“The theft was committed by A.W.E.. This is serious stuff Agent.” Eadie tensed. That stuff could change the way A.W.E. Worked. A.W.E. Was the Adolescent Worldwide Evil- and T.A.S.'s major nemesis.
“So you want me to steal it back?” Eadie asked.
“Yes. Go.” replied her mother, smiling. She flipped back the head of a chubby pig statue and pressed the button inside it. The ground whooshed and fell underneath Eadie's feet. The O.A.T. (Official Agent Transporter) was great fun though. Eadie rode through on a cushiony cloud of air through the sleek silver tunnel, the world blurred from her vision.
The tube pushed her out and her slim silver boots hit concrete. Inside a dark doorway stood the leader of A.W.E., the evil Lance Alabaster. She rushed into Lance's lab, and took our two of his goons with massive roundhouse kick. Only Lance remained- but he didn't even look up. Eadie saw with a lurch of fear that he was holding a large compact in his hands. It was the cosmetic compact. And there was one box next to Lance that no doubt held the rest of the stolen gadgets- enough bomb powder to blow up a country.
“Hello again Eadie. What's news?” Lance sneered. Eadie was hot with anger. Lance turned away and continued to marvel at what T.A.S. scientists had created. Eadie took the opportunity of Lance's back being turned to back flip swiftly and land on the high sleek silver bench running around the room. Eadie somersaulted, and grabbing ahold of the domed lights, she started swinging. But there was no time for monkeying around- Lance was figuring out how to use the powders. But suddenly, just as Eadie was swinging incredibly high, Lance whipped around and threw a handful of the silvery powder straight at Eadie. The powder was engineered to explode on contact- and Eadie twisted her body to miss the powder by centimetres. But the twisting had loosened her grip- and she fell onto the ground, in doing so, knocking out Lance. He was out cold. She threw all the cosmetic compacts into some plastic bags, and ran outside. Eadie ran back to where the O.A.T. had deposited her- and tapped on the ground. The ground fell beneath her and once again, Eadie was falling through the tunnel. Before she knew it, Eadie was back at her mothers desk.
"Once again Eadie, you have saved the world and amazed us. As a thank you, the mission board and I have decided you will be the first agent to receive and make use of the Cosmetic Compact. Make sure you use it well Eadie!" smiled Karen. After the debriefing was over, Eadie ran outside and met with her friends, Lily and Amber. It was going to be a fantastic summer.



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