Waiting To Be Found

Finalist in the 'Written in the Stars 2013' competition

Closing my eyes, hot tears gently streamed down my face. My heart ached and pounded angrily in my chest, as a feeling of complete sadness settled inside of me. Running my fingers through my hair, I tilted my head back and gently rested it against the wall. I drew a long, deep breath as I thought back to that time. To that memory that filled me entirely with delight and happiness.
I was able to recall the smell of the country air, which was so incredibly sweet. I scrunched my toes together and enjoyed the sensation of moist blades of grass against my skin. The sun smiled at me, as it extended its rays and gently touched me with its warmth. The feeling of dew against my back lightly soaked my clothing and conditioned my skin. The gentle wind wrapped me in a cool embrace, and held me tenderly.
I could hear the sound of a bird chirping. I paid close attention to its song. Its music filled me, as a breath of clean air would fill the lungs. Sitting up, I slowly opened my eyes. A short distance from my extended legs, a small bird with feathers as blue as the clear sky sang. It hopped around from leg to leg, continuing to release its beautiful sound into the world. A smile spread across my lips, as I watched this tiny animal dance with such excitement. Lowering myself back onto the ground, I once again closed my eyes. The bird’s song gradually disappeared as it flew away into the distance. I wondered where the bird would settle and share its voice with next.
Breathing in the crisp air, my ears focused on the trees. Their leaves rustled as if they were whispering a fantastic tale. Opening my eyes I watched the clouds float gently above me, dancing a slow waltz. I allowed myself to be consumed by the moment and all of its perfection, as my mind and its thoughts began to drift.
Lifting my head, I could feel that my despair had dissolved. During times of which I am engulfed by the flames of grief and sadness, I revisit times of joy. It is a kind reminder of how happiness is never gone, rather just waiting patiently to be found.


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