A Blind Adventure

My name is Ruby. Normally, I have a pretty boring life. That was, until the day I was kidnapped!

“Alright Kids, get in the car” said Mum, “we’re off to the shops”.
Mum stopped in the car park. “Stay here please, I won’t be long”

“Mum’s coming back!” said Luka, “Mum, a man came and kidnapped Ruby!!”
“What” exclaimed Mum, “Where did they go?”

“What’s happening?” I said, groping around the back seat of a car.
“Shut up girl!” said a gruff man’s voice.
“No - take me back!” I said.
His car smelt like cigarette smoke. “Who are you?” I asked.
“I work for Sam” was all he said.

Suddenly I remembered something Mum had said to me when I was nine:
“Feel this ring. It is very special so do not give it to anyone. One day, people may try to take it.” I quickly slipped the ring off my finger and hid it in a secret pocket.
The man drove silentl
y for a while, and then: “We’re here.” I was led across gravel and into a building.

“Give me your ring!” said another male voice.
“This must be Sam”, I thought. “What ring? I don’t know what you mean?”
“Lock her up – she’ll soon talk,” he ordered someone.

“Here’s your food” A young voice made me jump!
“Thanks” I took a plate from him. “You’re young, why do you work for Sam?”
“I was kidnapped like you” he said, “but I was put to work.”
“Oh, we can escape together” I said hopefully
“All right, I’ll come back soon”, he said.
“Hang on, what’s your name? Mine’s Ruby.”
“I’m Cody”, he muttered.

I waited for what seemed like ages.
“I’m back” said Cody, “We only have five minutes to get out of here.”
“Let’s go then!” I said.

We hurried along the corridor and I put my hand out to touch the wall. “Do you know that I’m blind?” I asked.
“Oh, right. Hold on to me then”, he said. “We need to sneak past Sam and the guards, be quiet ok?” I nodded. We crept past the men and out into the night air.

We ran fast for a long time. Cody stopped by a large tree. “There’s the road up ahead, I wish we could get a ride to the town.”
I felt a warm sensation from the ring concealed in my top. I put my hand over it and it was getting hot! Then Cody exclaimed “A car’s coming on the road! Quick Ruby, let’s wave it down!” He grabbed my hand and we took off.

We got to the road in time and Cody waved madly to alert the driver. The car pulled over, and Cody pushed me toward it. “It’s Mrs Blackwood from the library; she can take us to the Police”.

We scrambled into Mrs Blackwood’s car, and she talked excitedly as she drove:
“You kids have had quite an adventure! Your mothers are so worried about you!”
“Yeah, I bet” I said. My thoughts went to the ring which was now cool again. What magical powers did it possess? Why did Sam want it? I knew just the person who had the answers.


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