The Little Girl Who Saved The Fairies

Finalist in the 'Written in the Stars 2013' competition

When Ellen was very little she was playing in the park with her mum one day, when she met another little girl called Lyn. Ellen whispered to Lyn, “You can be my best friend!” Ellen’s mum couldn’t see Lyn so they had a secret friendship.
One day Lyn told Ellen she was really a fairy who had come to the human world through the secret gate in the park garden to hide from the evil fairy, Sascha who was making all the good fairies her subjects. Ellen was shocked!
That day they were playing in the park when a short, ugly lady with black hair and blue eyes said, “Hello,” to Ellen while she was playing. Ellen knew not to talk to strangers and so she started to walk away when Lyn came running over. “Stay away from her!” yelled Lyn. “That’s Sascha!” she screamed. As Ellen turned to run, the Evil Fairy cast a spell on Lyn and her eyes went blank. “Lyn, Lyn!” yelled Ellen but Lyn didn’t recognise her anymore. “You’ll never see your friend again!” said Sascha as she grabbed Lyn and disappeared.
Ellen knew she had to go after her friend to save her, so she found her friend from school, Ain to help her and together they went through the secret fairy gateway. When they got to Sascha’s castle, they found all the good fairies had been turned into the evil fairies subjects; cleaning, doing homework, and guarding her. Ellen knew if she could break the spell she could free all the nice fairies and her friend, Lyn.
So with Ain, they found two magic swords in the castle and crept down a long corridor to the spell room. When they walked in the door, they found Sascha with Lyn!
Ellen asked the Evil Fairy, "Why are you so mean? Don’t you have any friends?”
“No, because I am evil!” answered Sascha and laughed in a wicked way. Ellen knew she couldn’t help change the evil fairy, so she and Ain ran and smashed the magic spell bowl with the magic swords. “NO!” screamed the evil fairy.
Lyn looked at Ellen. “Ellen?” asked Lyn. “Yes, it’s me!” answered Ellen. She was so happy to have her friend back she gave her a big hug.
“We’ve broken your evil spell now,” said Lyn to Sascha. “Now say sorry for what you’ve done to all the good fairies and we’ll let you go.” “Never!” said Sascha. Ellen and Lyn thought about what to do with the evil fairy.
“I know!" said Ain, and whispered something to the other girls. They all smiled.
“Sascha, because you’ve been so lazy making other people do your jobs, you will learn what it feels like. You have to clean our bedrooms for a whole year, and then you are free.”
As the three friends walked out of the castle, all the other fairies they had freed from the spell cheered and clapped.

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