It is okay, everthing will be fine. Oh what have I done? The pressure is horrible! Why? My Ipad is just what I need to lose! Especially if someone else had bought if for you last week! Where could it be? I wish I could text Brianna! Just then I saw a sign that said, 'Film a short movie and you could win and IPAD!' My heart thudded. That's it! No one would know the difference! I'll just text Brianna and.....oh.

I called Brianna and now she knows everything! I told her that the movew we are doing is exactly what happened to me but everyone was all understanding. She said I was crazy but that she would help me. PHEW!!!!

It is done! YAY! I've already sent it the peopl! Brianna is really tired and so am I! It was a one and half hour movie. Some short movie. The phone rings and my heart is going faster. I pick up the phone immediately. 'Hi Honey,' says a tiny voice. My shoulder droop. Hi mom,' I say more sadly than expected. 'What's wrong?' my mom says in a kind voice. 'Nothing...um anything you want to say since you err...rang?' 'Right' she continues. 'I'm just back from work early so I'll be here any second... Why I thing I'm just about to come up the driveway,' I open my curtains to see my mom almost on our driveway. I hang up without saying anything. 'Brianna!' I say. 'Hide! My mom is home early!' Brianna dives in my bed. And my mom walks into my room. Gosh that was awful!

I said that I decided to put my toys under my bed and then my mom asked why my toys were still in their exact places, so then I said that it was my clothes and that I got mixed up with clothes and toys. She tried to open my cupboard but I was so scared that I screamed, 'NO!!!!' Now I can't have dessert. I take lots of food scraps then sneak into my room and feed Brianna.

Brianna sneaked out last night and had to tell her mom that she was there all that time and told her mom that she drank too much wine. At least Brianna can get away with things.

I wake up to a phone ringing. What now? Dads come back from his work trip to France? Its not like I hate my parents its just I like being alone because then I can do whatever I want. Oh, right I should pick up the phone. 'Hello? Kathy Smith speaking,' 'Hi, You've won an IPad!' says a kind voice. '....' I answer. Well maybe I didn't answer. 'Thanks' I actually answer. 'It is in today's mail.' 'Okay, bye!' 'Mail?' Mom will check the mail any second! 'I'll get the mail Mom!!!!' I say a bit harsher than I thought. I speed past her. I grab the mail and take the package with the IPad in it and rush to my room.

It is absolutely perfect and looks just like mine! And I've already downloaded all the apps I had. And I text Brianna about everything that happened.

Mom tucks me in and leans over to hug me when she feels something hard and cold. She pulls out my IPad that I lost then looks at the new one. I smile and pull the covers over my head.




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