Gran's Story

Finalist in the 'Written in the Stars 2013' competition

When my gran was a young girl, not many people had cars. Most people walked or rode a bicycle. Everyone who lived in the town knew each other - the postman reckoned he knew every person. The people who lived in my gran’s town were very friendly.
One night when gran was about 11, her parents were away for dinner, leaving my grandma and her brother at home by themselves. Two friends were over visiting. After their dinner, the excited kids decided to play a game of hide-and-seek in the dark! So they turned off the lights and then Uncle Quentin started to count. The three other kids ran to find a hiding place! They hid under beds, in the cupboards and behind the curtains. Then my gran had a great idea for a hiding place! She decided to climb up the hallway wall with her hands and feet on each side of the wall like a star. So, up she went. “Here I come!” called out Uncle Quentin. After he had found the other two kids, they all went to look for Gran. Gran was giggling quietly up the wall.
'Where is she?' thought Uncle Quentin. Suddenly my gran’s hands and feet were starting to slip! 'Oh no!' she thought. Uncle Quentin walked under her just as she couldn't hold on any longer. Crash! My gran landed on top of Uncle Quentin and squashed him flat! After they turned the lights on, everyone started to laugh!

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