The House

Finalist in the 'Written in the Stars 2013' competition

The creaky floorboards were painful in Kim’s ears. She took another tentative step forward into the unknown to find what she yearned for. Her heart was pounding but her brain was telling her to go forward, closer to her prize. One more step and she would be closer. Her mind was fixed on her reward. She pressed her foot onto the wood and her body fell through the floor. With one foot stuck in the splintered wood, she kept her mind focused and her heart determined. Why was she so stupid to go forth, into the deep?
This was the house of the legend. As Kim looked at it, she could hardly believe her eyes. Everything that her journey had been for was in front of her eyes. She was sweating in her winter clothes. Kim swept a tear from her eye. All the memories of her family’s discouraging words pierced her, even now that they were long gone. Pulling her trusty rucksack closer to her back and holding her grandmother’s necklace closer to her heart, she stepped forward, to stumble down the hill.
In the valley, Kim started to regret she had ever even tried to go on this quest. Why had she been so hopeful that she would find something wonderful like treasures or a genie so she could wish away all the bad things in her life and cleanse herself? What did she think she would find? Now Kim realised. She had found a rundown hut in the middle of some far away valley that was no use to her at all. Anger bubbled up inside her, like a pit of rage. Her stupid, stupid self had believed a fairy tale that her grandmother had told when she was nine. Why had she grown up with that hope that she could cure herself? She was stupid. Why were children brought up with tales that they dream could be their life story when they are just let down and dropped, like someone had cut the rope holding them up? All this was useless and a waste of time.
Why wasn’t she inside the house yet? The fight raging inside her head was almost over and she had made the decision to go in. But why? What could she possibly gain from going inside? It was worth a try though. Three weeks of trekking was no easy feat and it wasn’t over yet. Maybe, just maybe, there was a chance that it was in there and that she could change her life in seconds.
Heaving her foot out of the hole, Kim kept on going, focusing on her goal. Her fear instinct was about to kick in, she just knew it and in this pitch black room, she did not want it to. With first-hand experience and a sore nose, Kim turned a corner to see a faint light. This was what she had been looking for! She ran to the light and changed her life.

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