Fairytale Christmas

On Christmas everyone in Tale Town sends cards and presents to each other. It's Postman Pat's job to deliver them all. The first stop he made was at the wolf's den.
To the Wolf,
I've been reading a book called Poll and the wolf is really good. Hope you like it.
From, Little Red Riding Hood
"Here you go Wolf, it's a card and a book." said Postman Pat. "Have a nice Christmas, bye." Wolf said.
Postman Pat kept going on. He went past Frosty the Snowman. "Hello Frosty. How are you today?” said Postman Pat. "Good, and how are you?" "I'm fine. Bye".
The second stop he made was at the field.
To the Three Blind Mice,
Sorry for cutting off your tails so here's some cheese for your trouble.
From, The Farmer's Wife
"Here you go Mice" said Postman Pat. "Have a nice Christmas, bye."
Then Postman Pat went past Humpty Dumpty. "Hello Humpty Dumpty" "Hello" "Bye".
After that Postman Pat was at the Three Bears house.
To the Three Bears,
Here's a joke that I made. Someone has been eating my Porridge and someone's been eating my porridge and someone's been eating my porridge and it's all gone. But I have not served it yet you dumb bears!
"Here you go Bears. Bye." So he kept going on until he fell asleep and he wasn't looking where he was going and he got stuck in muck. He woke up and looked out the window and he said "Oh no. I can't be late, I've got presents to deliver. Help, help." But then the Seven Dwarfs came to save him and he got out the truck and said, "Thank you. I think there is a card for you all."
To the Seven Dwarfs,
Me and Charming will come and visit tomorrow.
Love, Snow and Charming
"Have a nice Christmas and a Happy New Year." Said Postman Pat. "Bye" "Bye, to you too" said all of them.
Postman Pat kept going on. On the way he met Jack Frost. "Hello Jack Frost. How are you today?" "I am fine. And how are you today?" Said Jack Frost. "I am ok," said Postman Pat. "Bye Jack" said Postman Pat. "Have a great Christmas."
Pat kept going on. The next stop he made was at Mouse Land.
To Angelina,
Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.
From, Alice
"Angelina, I have a card for you. Bye" Said Pat. "Have a great Christmas".
Postman Pat was so sad it was an hour till Christmas and he had to go to Santa's workshop but instead of giving Santa a message, Santa gave him a message and Santa said "Pat will you help me deliver presents tonight. It will only take an hour to deliver them all." "Yes, I will" said Pat "And I will drop you off" said Santa. "Let's get going" Off they went all over Tale Town and the whole world. The End


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