Audacious Autumn

Excellence In Writing Award in the 'Dream Big 2013' competition

Auburn curlicues daintily dripping off incorrigible branches
As silent as a wishful wind
Peppering the air
The sun illuminates the warm colours of autumn
Gold, scarlet, crimson, amber
A contented, calm clatter
Insouciantly, they drift to the welcoming ground,
in a sedate, interminable fall
Brindled leaves cascade
A supercilious sound, like a tirade of copper pots
The smell of stale rotten leaves abundant in the air
A crisp, brown blanket for the ground during the winter months
While the tree are left bare and vulnerable, frozen by a chilling breeze
Grey skies promise rain and snow
Leaves rattle around, contorted in a whirl of winter’s breath
A vestige of an ethereal image


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